Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fantasy Glimpse -- 11/10/10

Welcome to a new edition of Fantasy Glimpse: the Nextians post where we discuss the beautiful game of Fantasy Basketball.

All Fantasy Basket Ballers know that the key to winning a league is picking up a few players who perform better than originally advertised.  The more bang for your buck the better. Through draft strategy and waiver wire grabs a team can be built which thoroughly outperforms your leaguemates (aka "Leagueians" in THE Nextians Fantasy Basketball League).  Today we sort the Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball rankings to see who is off to a great start with a current Rank significantly higher than their Overall Rank (Rank = real stats for this season.  Overall Rank = pre-season Fantasy rankings).  This is called THE Nextians Differential sponsored by NBA Vitamins For Kids.

Rudy Gay is off to a very hot start and actually holds the #1 Rank through 9 games played in this early season.  With an Overall Rank of 39 (3rd or 4th round draft pick), Mr. Gay is putting up great percentages on a high volume of shots (most FG attempts in the Association so far) averaging 25.6 points, 7.2 boardbounds, and 2.7 assists.  Rudy is also swiping nearly 1.5 a game and only turns it over 2 times/game.  Some complicated mathematical algorithms tell me that his Nextians Differntial is +38.

Paul Millsap's Florida (sexytime) Explosion has left all South Beach and Orlando females wanting more Milli and The South Beach A-Holes and Orlando Tragic wanting the Bad Azz Jazz to leave the state already.  Milli is shooting 61% from the field, scoring 23.9 with 10.1 rodmans, 3 helpers and three straight 3 pointers in the last 40 seconds of regulation the other night.  His #3 Rank with a 69 Overall Rank give Milli Millsap a +59 Nextians Differential.

A surprising star on the list to those non-Warriors fans (who are currently 6-2 sukkas!) is Dorell Wright.  The Wright Stuff went late in drafts with an Overall Rank of 143.  His 16.2 points, 5 boardbounds and 2.8 assists might not sound that special but his Association leading 26 tre-bombs have put him at a #9 Rank giving him a rather impressive Nextians Differential of +134.

Last on the Fantasy Glimpse is former UCLA Bruin (and, therefore, former teammate of Jrue Holiday, Kevin Love, Darren Collison and Luc Richard Mbah A Moute) Arron Afflalo of the Denver Nug Show.  Afflalo is the Nug's starting SG and is putting up a respectable 13.6 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 2.8 assists with a 57.4 field goal percentage and 91% from the line.  His 221 Overall Rank and #21 current Rank give him the biggest Nextians Differential (that actually helps a fantasy basketball squad) of +200.

Stayed tuned for the All-Suck squad with the biggest negative Nextians Differential coming soon!

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