Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Like a Boss - The Remix

Those of us who drafted Chris Bosh this year in fantasy hoops know what kind of anchor he has been. What happened to the nightly 20/10 this self-proclaimed 'superstar' has put up for the past seven years? Anybody who has watched the Miami Heat play surely noticed this raptor-like skinny dude moping around the court, getting posterized by point guards (WTF is he thinking in that pic "Rajon don't worry I will catch you if you fall!"). He is playing with no emotion, no energy - frankly it looks like he is playing scared.

He is most definitely not playing LIKE A BOSS, a phrase which has surprisingly stuck in my head since I witnessed this memorable lonely island skit:

Until now, I've associated this skit only with New York Giants football tight end Kevin Boss. But thanks to some doudes at the Basketball Jones, I now have a new phrase and new player to associate with this witty ditty. When something is supposed to be good and stinks, its now LIKE A BOSH! Or you can follow the official definition per TBJ, which is
“Like a Bosh” [idiom, ~2010]: When someone or something desires the limelight only to wilt under the newfound pressure.
Peep and love the video:

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The Nextian said...

That was incredible. Good job Toddmy and TBJ. Those basketball rabid Canadians do have a infatuation with Bosh for sure.