Monday, April 5, 2010

Warriors vs. Raptors 4/4/10

Hurray! Don Nelson finally wins his 7,854th game (an educated guess) and is now thisclose to retiring to his couch of perpetual indulgence.........which we all know is located in Maui. Maybe he can take some dance lessons while he's there (watch the last part of the video to know just what the heck I'm talking about). Hula possibly?

Can you believe that the Raptors might make the 8th spot in the the Eastern Conference Playoffs with ole' defense like that? They can probably just put Hedo on LeBron and do fine. After a first round sweep they'll lose their best player ever (so far) as Bosh departs to join Carlos Arroyo in Miami. I feel sorry for the Raps fans as we all know how ravenous they are. Roar. The crowds at American Airlines Arena remind me of rOracle. Props to Toronto-area Canadians (and screw the ones from Montreal).

Steph Curry continues to play like a P-I-M-P with 29 points on 23 shots and 12 helpers. It was also good to see Anthony Morrow rise from the dead and contribute splashing 5 of 7 threes. That kid has some serious touch and (now I get to use my favorite erotic basketball saying of all time) was tickling the nylon all game long. Maggette pulled a Magette by going 10/12 from the line and even a Turiaf dumbass turnover couldn't prevent this record-tying win.

Where is Monta you ask? He's been suffering from flu-like symptoms since March 22nd which either means that he has one intense hangover or there's something seriously wrong with him. Word on the street is that he'll miss this last 4 game roadtrip and is probably done for the season. If this is Monta bitching out on the end of the season, seriously, eff that kid. I'm over his ball-hogging ways. But if he's really sick and they can't figure out what's wrong, godspeed Mississippi Bullet. I'll let you know my offical end of season stance on Monta as more info becomes available.........which means I'm off to read Tim Kawakami's blog. Peace out, Nextians.

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