Thursday, July 16, 2009

Michael Jackson Tributes by NBA'ers

This first NBA'er Michael Jackson tribute comes from the ever amazing Ron Artest. It took him a week, but Ron Ron laid down a track about MJ being his nigga. Artest has the means to turn out jams whenever he wants with a record under his belt on Tru Warier Records...which he also owns. My only question is why does Ron say he'll "see Michael next year"? Is Ron planning something after winning the NBA Championship next season?

Shaq follows Artest with a hilarious "Beat It" tribute involving a bunch of people in bathing suits, plastic knives, and a mis-spelling of "Michael" where he switched the "e" and "a" in text in the intro. What else could you expect from Shaqtus? Wait, what's his nickname now in Cleveland? Who the eff cares.

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