Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Randolph Is All Growns Up!

Our hope, our potential Savior Anthony Frigging Randolph exploded in Vegas yesterday. No, not all over a whore's back but in a Summer League game vs. a bunch of guys who probably won't make the Bulls squad. His 42 points tied a Summer League record set by Marcus Banks (who was just shooting 3's and got hot). But Anthony's performance was definitely 2 Legit 2 Quit. Take a looksie:

Excitement for all Dubs fans? Oh hell yes. But what are the Warriors brass doing by actually having a 2nd year player who started many games last year play in Summer League? Well, I don't think they are as stupid as the Clippers Management who is having Eric Gordan wear himself down before the season (Baron & potentially AI? That's a different analysis/clusterfcuk altogether). Word on the curb is that Randolph grew a full inch and put on 20 pounds of muscle in the off season. Anthony is only 20 (his birthday is today 7/15!) and needs to boost his confidence and swagger even more. And this Summer League game obviously helped with that. Look at how fierce his moves are to the rim. Look at that And-1. Look at that anger! Look at them guns (sexy). Let's hope this isn't a "birthday game" and that Dubs Savior can become what he is destined to be: a BADD ASS

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The Hylands said...

Quick Update: AR was just named to Team USA Senior team. It's a crew of "Next" Team USA studs like D-Rose and The Durantula.