Friday, January 23, 2009

GP & C-Webb; Things Done Get Crazy

Many talk radio programs this morning were talking about Gary Payton and Chris Webber on last night's NBA on TNT program. In case you didn't see it, things done got a little crazy (and EJ didn't know how to reign them in):

But as we mentioned a few weeks back, Tha Glove and C-Webb are WAY more entertaining/crazy/annoying for 6 hours on NBA TV on Tuesday nights (channel 416 for you SF peeps). Here's a sample of their normal shenanigans with Ahmad Rashad getting a piece of the fist-bump action:

Bottom line: these guys have one upped Barkley at his own game. Chuck's drunken suspension has opened the door for more madness than most can handle. Hopefully Commish Stern hasn't caught wind of this yet.

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Hyland said...

Who the hell lets these two stay on TV? That shit was inaudible and it actually kinda hurt my ears :(