Monday, January 12, 2009

Bitchface of the Day: Mike Dunleavy of the DunMurphy Sisters

Quite a win last night for the hapless Warriors! They played some defense, hustled a bit, withstood 42 points by the #3 Overall fantasy player Danny Granger, and were clutch when J. Craw hit the big time 3 with 11 seconds remaining.

At first, it was fun to see the DunMurphy Sisters back in Tha Bay. Messy hair, fake hustle, flopping.........these "guys" will be forever linked. Please let them finish out the careers together. It's only right. And just remember, trading away these two lads with Diogu allowed us to Shock The World with the greatest playoff upset of all time. So to the haters, "yes" the Warriors still came out on top in that trade no matter what the current Dub situation is at this point.

But what was fun and games turned into a "I wanna choke that guy!" moment. Here's Dunleavy pulling a Bruce Bowen on our very own Marco "Rocky" Belinelli. The full video is pretty cool until the 2:15 mark when Bruce Dunleavy strikes:

Our thoughts are with Marco during his time of need.

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