Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mom Made Pizza Rolls!

Oh, the future was once bright for Clay Bennett and Aubrey McClendon's Thunder. After ripping the franchise away from the delightful Seattle fanbase (who then tried to rip out the collective hearts of Sacramento/force someone to overpay the Maloofs/force a city to pay for a new stadium with tax dollars), things appear to be in disarray.

Clay is a pompous dick as highlighted by the entire Save Our Sonics movement. And Aubrey McClendon is quite possibly evil as he mines the earth for natural gas and causes people's faucets to catch fire all while running a hedge fund on his own industry, drinking $400 bottles of wine EVERY NIGHT, and sitting in the front row of every Thunder home game.

So maybe the basketball karma gods are doing their thing?  Did they overtake Patrick Beverly's body and cause him to "pull a Westbrook" by going for a steal at the end of the quarter thereby tearing the meniscus of Russell's knee and leading to the Grind It Out Grizzly's elimination of the Thunder 4-1 last night infront of pompous Clay and Evil Aubrey?

The Thunder were fun and cool last year with Durant, Westbrook, Harden and Ibaka.  Things were bright after they got spanked by LeBron and the Heatles even if their offense was simpleton under Scotty Brooks in an age of crazy initial action used to disguise the real play, it was fun to see these guys create and use their natural gifts to kick everyone's ass on the hardwood (except when Perkins was on the floor).

But now people are panicking   Durantula couldn't carry a team of meh's to the finals like LBJ once did in Cleveland therefore Kevin isn't as good as LeBron.  Didn't everyone used to hate Westbrook's selfishness, somewhat lazy defense and inability to set Durant up? Why didn't Westbrook sit on the bench with his Thunderbros after his knee injury?  Are those sideline chairs too small for his post-op knee to handle?  Is Clay Bennett too damn cheap to amnesty Perkins even though it is obviously the smart basketball decision?  The answer is obviously "yes".  Look what he did to save a few bucks by trading Harden before the season began.

The Thunder will be good going forward. Westbrook and Durant are amazing players and Ibaka shouldn't continue to miss 75% of his jumpers. But the question marks have never been so many and so big.

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