Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Warriors Make The Playoffs!

Klay made his first 9 shots, scored 30, made the playoffs
Steph (7th pick) was fired up after outplaying Ricky Rubio (4th pick)

Congrats Dubs. Don't go to baggage claim yet because this is just a quick stop and you've got some more traveling to do.  The baggage robots running on IBM software will get your bags from your regs season plane and put them on your playoff craft (thanks, Coach Jackson. that was awesome).

You guys are excited and get to shave your beards now. In Steph's case, "thank the high and mighty lord Jesus" he's probably saying. Just because his face is now back to it's childlike, marketable state.  Hopefully you're mom will be in the crowd a few times this playoffs? I know she still does Seth's laundry and lives in Raleigh or something (wherever Dell resides while doing Bobcat games).

Klay Thompson had one of his best games of the year until he kept shooting in the second half. He started off 9/9 and was icewater.  His Washington State ass got into it with crazy Luke Ridnour the Oregon Duck in the 3rd quarter.  That was on the only time Klay changed his expression.  This year.  There's potential that Klay's mom is hot but she doesn't flaunt her goods like Sonya does.

This is Killa Klay and his Moms
Coach Jackson is a preacher and he loves to help and serve. He's been dropping dimes his entire life. On the hardwood he hooked his teammates up to the tune of  10,323 assists in the NBA. Just third on the all time list, yo.  He drops spirituality on his Van Nuys congregation with his wife. Preacherman preaches well. Except when some stripper was trying to extort him for some cash claiming she had nude pics of Coach. We all got skeletons though, right? It's what makes us interesting as real human beings. Don't hate.  You've done some pretty skeezie shit. Don't lie.  Now Coach has boringly motivated his team of kids n' vets to a playoff birth. Good on ya, here's a sprinkling of Coach of The Year votes.  Now trim up that neckhair with your players.

You guys deserve it. And grab a milkshake latenight.  There's a Barneys and a Nations within a couple of miles of the rOracle.  It'll be a subdued celebration, but still fun in a "all I care about is ballin' " and "praise the lord" kinda way.  I'm not hating. I'm just saying that this is in stark contrast to 2007 when they were spraying b-lights all over the Portlandia visitors locker room and Czar Stern eventually had to tell Nellie to not pound brew pones at the podium for post game interviews.  Something tells me that Jack and Landry play the veteran role by day but have secretly gone to about 55 strip clubs together this season.

This has been a pretty exciting season if you like defense and somewhat smart basketball. Even when the media tried to stir some controversy about the front office lying about Bognut's microfracture surgery nobody really cared. Bogut stopped smiling but has got his health up to where race-walking back on defense is fine. Bog's still shut down that Viking/defending Western Conference Player of The Week Pekovic last night.  I think Pek made just two buckets over The Big Hobble.  Limp all you want, Bogs.  You know how to play defense and it's finally making a difference for these dubs.

Good on ya, Warriors.  This has been a confidence building year. You guys belong here and this wasn't some crazy excitement PR hype BS like it was before. The plan is working.  We all know that This Guy is excited to be back in the Playoffs as a Dub.

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