Monday, October 15, 2012

SF Arena 2017 -- Artists Rendering

The city is very grey
Ominous clouds are on the horizon as a mist hovers over the retrofitted Bay Bridge. It is 2017 and President Hillary Clinton is just finishing her first year in office after holding Romney to one term. Somehow Cable News and the NYT convinced the sheeple that the collapse of the Euro was all Romney and Bush's fault as Hillary wins in a landslide.  She is a mere 6 months away from introducing Huma Abedin as her first lady. Sadly, Bill Clinton deteriorated to nothing just after her inauguration as President H.Clinton feels that enough time has passed before admitting to having an affair with Anthony Weiner's wife Huma for over 10 years. Weiner is made the Secretary of Health and Human Services for playing along.

The fog rolls over the city on a cold day yet sailboats harmlessly cruise the bay before a late fall Warriors game at SF Arena. There are no cargo ships in sight and sailing is of high importance. The sun is rising in the East meaning it's morning.  Wait a second, why are so many people sailing at sunrise?  And doesn't fog usually roll through the city like that in the evening? Does fog even make it to SOMA after powering it's way through the city? That's some serious Sunset District fog in this artists rendering of SF Arena, the most amazing Arena known to man.

In 2017 Kayaking is all the rage
 It is 2017 obviously meaning that people love to kayak. Especially old ladies in sunhats. Might as well get a kayak ride in before seeing the Dubs host the Seattle Superdupers.  Thankfully, Joe Lacob has free kayak parking. Roughly 25% of all Warrior game fans kayak to the game. Full grown Monterrey Pines tickle the landscape. They were imported from 17 mile drive as there are no Monterrey Pines at Piers 31 and 32 currently and they take forever to grow.

Warrior fans come in all shapes, sizes and colors. But not one of them is older than 35
Hot girls with butter faces and boob jobs are now Warrior fans. Franco Finn's younger brother and his nephew are at the game. Fans go crazy in the breezeway as the starting lineups are announced.  Hipsters wander and people still have smartphones in 2017. A full view of the Bay Bridge pulls fans away from their seats. Everyone wants to get a glimpse of the ubiquitous sailboats that this part of the Bay is now known for.


Unknown said...

Great post and insight sir! Your knowledge of so many topics, both maritime and meteorlogical, ceases to amaze me. Very well written piece.

The Nextian said...

May your amazement never be ceased. Stay Next,

OG Nextian