Monday, June 25, 2012

Talking Heads vs. Real Basketball Discussion

Why Did LBJ shoot more from the left side in 2012 Finals? Because he "wanted it" more?
 Question: if LBJ played like 2012 Finals LBJ in the 2011 NBA Finals would the Heat have won? Skip Bayless would undoubtedly say "yes".

Better question: could LBJ have even played "this way" in the 2011 Finals if he had wanted to? Mark Cuban would say "no way".

No matter how good you are you can't just "do what you want" on the basketball court.  It is a team game where you react to what the defense gives you.  And based on what Cuban gives to us before being interrupted by the non-game watching Skip Bayless the 2011 Mavs threw some intricate and changing defensive sets at the Heat last year.  Cool.

Regardless, at least enjoy the first video below before ESPN takes it down to save face:

Here is StephenASmith complaining about access:

Thanks to Ball Don't Lie for the videos and Deadspin for the shot charts

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