Friday, May 11, 2012

Why the Knicks Got "Courtesy Swept" by the Heat

The NY Knicks got Courtesy Swept* by Los Miami Heat a few days ago.  One of the reasons the Knicks aren't that great is because of Carmelo Anthony.  This picture hanging above his mantle of HIMSELF is one of the reasons he just doesn't get it.

Now enjoy this "Melo" by Stevie Wonder:

* a "Courtesy Sweep" is when a team is up 3-0 in an NBA series, plays Game 4 half-ass'd and loses by a few points thereby giving the crappy squad down 1-3 some sort of excitement, and then destroys said crappy squad when they actually try in Game 5.  Most 4-1's are Courtesy Sweeps (thanks to J.E. Skeets at TBJ in "The Fix" daily videocast for defining the "Courtesy Sweep")

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