Friday, March 2, 2012

Blake Griffin is Smug

"I didn't do anything!  Moooooom!"
 I’m beginning to have a problem with Blake Griffin.  His hi flying jams and quick strike alley oops have set the NBA world a’blaze and he has made more ESPN Top 10 Plays of the Day in his first 100 NBA games than anybody in the history of time (time began on September 7th, 1979 with the launch of ESPN).  OK, that’s a guess.  But it’s an educated guess (I went to UC Davis and minored in “Guessing”).

I have a problem with Blakers because showtime has gotten to him.  I can’t fault him for dunking over a Kia at All-Star Weekend last year and now being a spokesman for them.  A man’s gotta get paid.  But the way that Blake mean mugs officials after 80% of his challenged shots or drives is getting very annoying.

Greatest dunk since Cedric Ceballos was "blindfolded"
Watch a full Clippers game and you will see Blake not get back on defense on more than one occasion as he is consulting with an offending referee.  Even when he makes the shot/dunk he mean mugs an official. I’m not sure why he wants to get to the line anyway since he’s such a terrible Free Throw shooter.  Dude, Blakers, your free throw misses are hurting your image, m’kay?  Kia doesn’t like that.

It must have something to do with being a big time baller in LA.  Blake’s “I got fouled!” reactions are very similar to those of Kobe Bean Bryant.  LA is the world capital of smug.  But, Blake, others have fought through the smug force and you can too.
Blake Griffin’s slo-motion jump shot set up and release are in stark contrast to his lightning quick dunks. It’s like the yin and yang of his basketball game need to be balanced as slo-mo J’s even out his “let’s watch that on slo-mo on the DVR again” dunks.

Blakers is only in his 2nd year so I’m sure his Free Throw percentage will improve and his jumper will be a summer project after his 4th or 5th year when he feels the first tinge of “I can’t jump like I used too!” hit his knees.  Then he can become a top 10 player in The Association.

But stop staring down the officials, OK Blake? You look like a total smug dick on Tiger Woods level "respond to reporter" (Tiger grew up in LA, btw).  You have time to change.

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