Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Matt Barnes Punching Away at SF Pro Am

The SF Pro-Am League at Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco is a great time out (GTO). A lot of good college and pro players come out and play a 7 game season followed by playoffs for the basketball fans of The City.  Most of the games are very entertaining and watching a game a Kezar is an experience because it is so different from normal basketball gyms.  It's quirky old school SF at it's finest and players love the floor which seems to be spring loaded.

I'm not sure why Matt Barnes continues to play in this Summer League.  Maybe he can't get an invite to Rucker Park or the Dyckman League in Washington. Maybe he's somehow loyal to the Bay Area. He was born and raised in Sacramento and made some serious NBA coin by his efforts on the 2007 We Believe Warriors.  But last summer Matt Barnes slapped an opposing coach in the face.  Now he goes off and punches a College of Marin (COM!) player in the ear after he got boxed out too hard.  Scroll to 2:00 to see the aftermath of the punching:

The Marin IJ had the inside scoop and was actually linked to from True Hoop if you can believe it.  Dillon Sabia was the MCAL Player of the Year in 2009 while attending Drake High School.  Which I can walk to from my house in less than 5 minutes.

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