Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kevin Durant Dominates Ruker Park

KD dropped 66 at Rucker Park last night.  Thank god for awesome quality handheld cameras because this is some HD goodness.  The first is a clip of KD thwapping 4 3's in a row.  On the 4th make, he gets absolutely mobbed by the crowd forcing the whistles to be blown and time to be called.  You gotta love how stoked those fans were.

Man, that reminds me of a league game in the '08 Vermont Mini Hoop quarter finals.  I was on fire from three and with this 5'8" kid crowding me from deep I just broke him off the dribble and slammed one down all fierce Shawn Kemp-style.  The mini ball rolled over the barrier and into the bushes so they had to stop the game and go get it.  The dudes who were playing after us started giving me hi-fives n' stuff and I was all stoked on my steez.

Anyway, here is a longer clip of KD's game if the first vid got you all hyped.  It's tough for me to notice the difference in the jerseys until a few minutes in.  Sort of weird.  But I love the way Durant is schooling some pretty good ballers, aka Junior College All Stars.  It just goes to show you how much better NBA'ers are than even the best local baller.  You gotta love KD spreading the basketball gospel.  Also, Sam Presti must be stoked watching this footy.

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