Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Team USA Minicamp Roster 2013

Thankfully The Warriors won Vegas summer League giving Warriorfan NBA diehards something to do these past two weeks. Bazemore the PG with a 6'11" wingspan was quite entertaining as he earned Summer League All-Star status. Reverend Draymond Green's 20 pound weight loss led to some new and quicker dribble-drive moves from Mr. Everyposition.

But getting excited about NBA Summer League is not a good idea. Remember when Marco Belinelli was the Dubs Savior after scoring 37 points in one fateful summer league game? Ouch.

But on Thursday July 25th (tomorrow) we have the 2013 Team USA Minicamp exhibition game at 9:00 pm on NBA TV. You might be wondering who some of these guys are and I will give you one hint before you Google the lineups: 2 dudes are still in college. Does that help? I liked Blue Team 2 until LARRY SANDERS! sprained his ankle in workouts yesterday. Plus, they misspelled his name. They forgot the exclamation point.

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