Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Billy Hunter's Nepotism

Gold watch!
 I always had a feeling that there was something wrong with Billy Hunter. In 1998 he led the NBPA to not start the season until February which caused Latrell Spreewell to play in the NBA Finals as a Knick.  This time around he not only starts the season late by first trying to file a federal suit against the NBA instead of just decertifyinig the Union from the get-go (which all the player agents wanted to do) but he also has his Union agree to unprecedented givebacks to those a-hole owners.  His snooty BS Report with Bill Simmons last October didn't help his image, either.

More recently, though, Billy gets the Players Union Reps to ask Union President D-Fish (aka Kevin Johnson Junior) to step down after Fisher requested an audit of the NBPA. Everyone knows that D-Fish will either be apart of Obama's cabinet in the 2nd term or become a Mayor of some midsize US City within 5 years of his retirement.  Derek Fisher is a golden god.  He may be a flopper on the hardwood but as the Union President he's not whining to any official.  Fisher decided not to listen to the Player Reps and still holds his Presidential role.

Just today, Wojo and Rand Getlin (Yahoo! Sports' in-house lawyer writer) drop THIS BOMB complete with cool little US Today-esq pie charts and everything.  C'mon now, Billy.  Giving $7-$9 million in Players Association funds to a failed investment bank where Billy Hunter's son just happens to sit on the board? Only using legal council where Billy Hunter's daughter happens to work?  That's some sketchy ass'd nepotastic bullcrap right there.  Who does he think he is, a partner at JP Morgan or something?

Wojo and Getlin were obviously holding on to this report until the perfect moment.  Hunter probably couldn't pay off the bribe fast enough to squash this story.  Either that or Fisher won the bidding war and was able to make $ure that this story was released at a perfect time.

Reality shows can't hold a match to real life sports drama!

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