Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LeBron in 2012

In a shortened season, many pick the Miami Heat to win it all.  They've improved their team, have a year of experience under their waistbands, and LeBron is tired of playing the villain.  Wait, what?

Aside from continuing to pimp an addictive cold sore and chapped lips remedy LBJ is taking a  new post-Decision mindset into this season.  He's no longer going to be The Villain as Windhorst explains in this piece right here.

Wait LeBron, you can't just decide to not be a dick in the eyes of the fans.  You can control a lot of things with your incredible skill, power, money and fame.  But you cannot control what people think of you.  Especially when there's stories out there like THIS.

Here's to the Heat being odds on favorites to win it all this shortened season with LBJ still being hated by the people.

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