Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy The NBA

"Man, the Mavs are gonna be 2011 AND 2012 Champs!"
 Well, this is it.  Nuclear Winter as Czar Stern puts it.  It sounds like these guys have screwed up our season as THE Nextians.  What a bunch of dicks.  Everyone is to blame.  They were THISCLOSE to having a deal last week.  It was a few million mid-level exception dollars that one side could have caved on to save a 72 game season and look like guys who know how to get things done. Instead, the long con owners wouldn't rise up to pay, and the players holding their "system issues" rally cry wouldn't budge. Player reps were allowed to vote instead of the entire Players Association (fail) and Paul Pierce is getting Player Agents to file copious amounts of disrupting lawsuits.  Congrats to all.  A well played hand.

JA Adande breaks it down for a Nextian HERE
Wojo questions the guardians of the game HERE
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