Friday, May 28, 2010

LeBrondamonium is Weird

This is just getting weird. If I were LBJ, I'd leave these a-holes in a heartbeat.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

White Chocolate Values His Personal Space

An eff bomb riddled tantrum by Jason "White Chocolate" Williams directed at a reporter who obviously doesn't value personal space is caught on tape take after Orlando's game 3 loss. Thankfully, Matt Barnes cracks a smile. But unthankfully, Matt Barnes appears to share a barber with Mr. Chocolate.

Remember when J. Williams was on the Kings? Damn, that was the shit. The 2002 Western Conference Finals still brings a tear to my eye. Wait a second, Willimas was traded for Bibby in 2001 the year before the Kings got really good. Scratch that.

Wingin' It with Randy Foye

Via Free Darko, this is too funny not to pass along. From the producer of Wingin' It:

"I recently wrote and produced on a Canadian TV show for tweens called Wingin' It and Randy Foye was a guest star. We wanted someone recognizable to a Canadian audience so the producers got us Randy Foye?! The theory among the writers is that some agent or manager swindled the exec-producers into thinking Randy was a real score."

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mikhail Prokhorov's Video To Nets Fans

Thanks to Billy Boy Simmons we all now know a lot more about the new New Jersey Nyets owner. The most hilarious part of the article has to be the video below which is Mr. Prokhorov's message to all Nyets fans:

"Championship in one year minimum and in five year maximum." Go Nyets!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Talent Show: These Kidz Rule

These kids have some serious skill with the dribbling and overall basketballing. Word on the street is that Matt wants to sign one of them up for his Novato Park & Rec B-League squad:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Demarcus Cousins. Now What?

Well it looks like the Dubs won't get a chance to roll the dice with Demarcus Cousins with their #6 spot in the draft order. Oh well. Cole Aldrich and his strange free throw style it is! Something tells me that this year's Warrior rookie won't finish 2nd in the Rookie Of The Year voting. And something also tells me that The Kings have a good chance to defend their Rookie Of The Year title in 2011 with Demarcus.

And now your Day in NBA Pictures:

Did you hear that Marquis Daniels' Dad was tasered at the Boston @ Orlando Game 2 last night? Tasering is all the rage in law enforcement right now. Jeez.

This one is hilarious and is my new screen saver.

A shocked member of The Wizards brass reacts to learning of landing the #1 pick/John Wall.

Thanks to Ball Don't Lie for linking me to the pictures.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inside Yahoo! Sports

The Tuesday May 18th, 2010 morning creative meeting at Yahoo! Sports

Jerry (the boss):

"Steve, get in my office immediately"

Steve: (works under Jerry the boss):

"Yeah Jerry"


"The NBA draft is later today and I need you to create a picture for the home page. STAT, if you can do it. We want to run it with Trey Kirby from BDL's piece."


"Wait, Trey Kirby is getting a homepage listing? Anyway, you got it boss. What meme were you looking for?"


"Let's do a side by side of the projected top 3 picks with some caption along the lines of 'Luck of the Draw'. Yeah, 'Luck of the Draw' sounds nice."


"Wow, Jer, you pretty much wrote this one for me. I'm thinking of getting Derrick Favors, John Wall and Evan Turner close up face shots. In 6 weeks America is going to see these future stars in amazing suits crying with their families. The lottery and draft are more humanistic than they are athletic. The time for pictures and video of these guys shooting or dunking is not now."

Steve fools around in photoshop for eleven minutes before bringing in his proof to Jer.........


"Holy Shit, Steve. Side-by-side face shots of Favors, Wall and Turner? Mouth's agape? I fucking love it. You are a goddamn artist, my man. You truly know how to pull at the heart strings of America. "


"Thanks Boss!"

Yummy: GSW Draft Lottery Pie

Ummm, pie in all regards is delicious! I just wish the red slice was a little bigger on The Warriors Pie. At least we're not eating any grey pieces. That would be disgusting to have to eat a mouth full of grey like The Rockets (thanks to GSOM for the pie).

This is the most exciting day of the year for Warrior Nation (I'm pretty sure we don't call ourselves "Warriors Nation" like those lame Laker fans but I digress). Starting at 5 pm (PACIFIC!!) the ping pong balls bounce and the most exciting time of the year gets underway. Will Demarcus Cousins be our savior? Probably! But probably not.

To celebrate, I'm leaving work and playing ping pong until the lottery starts. And I won't come back until we sell to Larry Ellison. My boss sure is going to be pissed!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LeBron Threw Game 5 b/c The Freemasons Told Him To

"I spoil a lot of people with my play. When you have a bad game here or there, you've had three bad games in a seven-year career, then it's easy to point that out." -LeBron James 5/11/10

For the conspiracy theorists out there, LeBron's Game 5 puke-fest does maybe-kinda point to him being told to tank the game by The Bilderbergs or Jay-Z and The Freemasons or whatever (Peep some prior "LeBron is a Freemason" evidence HERE ....directly from this blog!....via FreeDarko).

Just kidding, back to reality folks. First of all, Chuck Barkley thinks you royally choked:

Ouch! Now, for some day-after reaction articles matriculating from the NBA universe:
Wojo thinks that LeBron is just doesn't have the winners drive to do whatever it takes. After one of the worst loses by a Championship Contender in league history (a 32 point home court smackdown) he blames LeBron's other areas of focus and the Cleveland organization for being so permissive of LeBron over the years. Sounds like Wojo has been waiting to throw out this information for a while now.

Russillo (it's a podcast, folks) says that the game was one of the most shocking he's ever seen. He then puts the loss on everyone with the Cavs.
Hollinger (you have to be an INsider to see this article) takes a more logical stance, as always, and says that James' elbow caused him to go 1/11 on his jumpers. This elbow also caused him to pass up other open jumps he had throughout the game because he wasn't feeling confident in them. He also analyzes that James' good games this series have come after he's had extra rest. The one day rest games have caused the LeBron stinkbombs as he hasn't had enough time for his elbow to heal. What's concerning here is that Game 6 is Thursday after just one day rest. What Hollinger can't explain is why James differed on so many pick and roles counting a total of 13 times when he just passed the ball to a teammate not creating an advantage on the play.

Mr. True Hoop Henry Abbott points out what's wrong with Cleveland fans with an interesting take. With fans booing on their way out of the exits and the Cavs owner distancing himself from the team in recent comments, things do seem a bit doomed for Cleveland in this series and in LeBronamania this summer.
And, of course, Bill Sportsguy Simmons comes with a Retro Diary.

It was necessary to capture this moment in time before game 6 when LeBron either tarnishes his early legacy or steps up with a win for the ages in the Celtic's TD Waterhouse Ameritrade Garden. One thing's for certain: I can't wait to see what comes NEXT on Thursday at 5:00pm Pacific!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Kobe is Better Than You

Only people who are better than you are allowed to wear all white. Like Puff Daddy, wearing all white is a sign that you cannot be stopped. It's also a sign that you are an a-hole.

Peep the Kobe is White Hot LA Times article and thanks to Ball Don't Lie once again. Trey Kirby has excellent internet scouring tactics and that is why I love him.

Yes Karl Malone! I Want Your Butt!

This is hilarous. I can't wait to try "the best bun exercise" I've ever done. Sign me up!

And that's what Karl Malone say.